Pastor’s Notes: May 2016

Liberty Celebration Rehearsals
May 12, 2016
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Pastor’s Notes: May 2016

May and Mother’s Day go together. I love and value my mother more every day. I also love and appreciate every mother in our church. You have worked sacrificially for your children and have loved them unconditionally. You are so important to us and we want to serve you the best we can.

A few days ago 5 of us from the church attended a safety and security conference. We learned a lot and were reminded that we live in a fallen world of injustice and inhumanity. We were reminded of those in the world that wish harm on our country and our faith as they look for soft or easy targets to terrorize.

But, we were also reminded of how some take advantage of church members as they age. Specifically, they mentioned a group known as the IRISH TRAVELLERS located in South Carolina and other parts of the Southeast. In the Spring they get into their trucks and travel around the country seeing who they might take advantage of. We were asked to warn you about them so you will not become their victim.

Let me share with you a story of one inci-dent that my son, Brad, who is a policeman, became aware of. An older mother living alone had a man in a nice truck pull into her driveway telling her that he had seen a squirrel crawl into her attic. He told her how much damage they can do and offered to help free. She agreed and thought he was kind to offer so he went up into the attic. Later he came down with some insulation (he had evidently had a small bottle of water hidden on him) and he showed her how wet the insulation had become. “You have a leak and it will cause a lot of damage,” he said, then, offered for a reasonable amount to repair her roof. The cost he quoted was $13,000+ in cash. “The nice man who helped her free” told her all kinds of reasons why cash made it possible to give her a break in the cost. He even followed her to the bank where she gave him the money across the way at a restaurant parking lot. He was to follow her home and set up for the work. He never showed up and she lost all her money. By the time the police were called, he was out of state and no one knew who he was.

These people are without conscience. They have been taught by their culture and tradition that it is ok to cheat outsiders. They are taught that “God created them to live that way.” Most of the IRISH TRAVELLERS are baptized Roman Catholics but are taught by their clan they are exempt from Christian mor-al standards because of who they are. They also sell cheap and dangerous products that have “made in America” on them when they are not. They travelled the Mid-West cheating insurance companies on false claims on travel trailers. While living there, a salvage yard own-er showed me all the trailers stored there that were used to defraud insurance companies.

If someone comes by offering to do any work for you, check them out by calling the police or sheriff’s department. If they work on your property you need to have them sup-ply an insurance certificate that is paid up to date so you will not be sued for anything that happens to them. If you feel awkward in do-ing that call the church office and let one of our pastors or elders assist you. We are here to shepherd and care for you. Years ago one of our members was cheated out of a lot of money by a scammer. We don’t want that happening to you. We love you and want to assist you in ways that we can.

In His Service,

Ron Lowe, Pastor

Photo by Thomas Hawk