Our vision is to know Christ and make Him known through faith in action. In other words, we strive to be the salt and light within our family, to our community, and the world around us.

-Vision/Dream Team 2017

Over the past year, our vision has shifted...

At Kingsport Community Church, over the past year we took a moment to reflect on the future and dig into the roots of our culture. What we found was encouraging and hopeful! Our Vision team (aka Dream Team) decided God has dreams larger than we can ever imagine. Why should we limit ourselves if God can dream anything?

Historically as a church we've been very active in service, we've been open, welcoming, and loving. So we decided to let God focus these strengths to a new vision for Him.

Over the next 3 years we'll strive to:

"Become a closer-knit, friendly, family oriented, multi-generational church."

What does this mean for us as a church?

We'll work to be the salt and light to our community with the goal of revisiting our call from God. We think that our spaces will be full of people who are learning about Christ, growing in Christ, serving for Christ. Through this process we’ll be models of “salt & light.” We’ll encourage more people to be salt & light, people will be learning how to be the salt & light, we’ll reach more people with a message of salt & light. This creates opportunities to be a church which gives individuals purpose within our church. Individuals will be encouraged to take volunteer roles both leadership and non-leadership to create opportunities for spiritual growth primarily with the focus on reaching young families and children. We must have opportunities for growth for young children and their parents in order to succeed. As mentioned before due to the nature of our culture, we can encourage new members to become “part of the family” and to “roll up their sleeves” to be part of the Kingdom and take action!

Are you ready to take part in this vision?

Whether you've been a part of our family for decades or you have yet to visit, we want to equip you in ministry!